Khulan Tour

Wonders Of Nature / 21 Days

On this tour, we show you the diversity of Mongolian landscapes. We start in the south. There is the Gobi desert with its dunes, punctuated with green oases, beautiful meadows and the spectacular Vulture Ravine. In the south, we will also visit the so-called ‘Centre of Spiritual Energy’, a famous pilgrim site. We then will, crossing mountainious scenery and endless steppes carpeted with colouful flowers, reach the north and Khuvsgul natural reserve, where crystal clear lakes such as ‘blue pearl of Mongol’, snowcovered mountain ranges and taiga forests are awaiting us. In between, we make halt at the one or the other nomad family so you can watch and take part in true Mongolian nomad life.


Day 1/ 2. Flight and Arrival at the international Aiport „Chinggis Khan“ in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel. Breakfast and break until lunch. We will then visit Gandan monastery, with its 26 m high and gilded Buddha statue nowadays being the biggest and most important monastery in Mongolia. Then, we will go to ‘Zaisan’ hill, which offers a beautiful view over Ulaanbaatar. Dinner, overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 3. 10 hour train ride to Khamriin Khiid. This monastery is worshipped as pilgrim site and centre of spiritual energy. Overnight stay at a yurt camp.

Day 4. Our day starts before sun rise. You have the possibility to refuel with energy: on todays programme are a visit of Uvgun Monastery, Shambala centre of spiritual energy and different meditation caves. Over night, train ride back to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 5. After our arrival in Ulaanbaatar you can relax at the hotel. After lunch, we visit the Museum Of National Sciences, where original dinosaur sceletons from famous Bajan Zag site and other precious palaeontological findings are shown.

Day 6/7. Departure into the wild, endless steppes. Today, we will drive to Baga Gazriin Tchuluu mountains. Baga Gazriin Tchuluu is a granite mountain range with beautiful rock formations, picuturesquely ascending from the flat landscape. Here we will stay for two days. During daylight you can visit old monastery ruins, explore your surroundings and relax or meditate. Overnight stay in tent.

Day 8/9. Again into the south: We travel to the monastery ruins of Ongi. Gradually, the lush steppes are replaced by a bleaker landscape. We make halt at a nomad horse breeder family. Camp fire and overnight stay. The next day, we continue our drive and in the evening we arrive at the ruins of Ongi, which you can marvel at in the setting sun at the sides of Ongi river. Overnight stay at a yurt camp.

Day 10. We travel to ‘Flaming Rocks’ Bajan Zag: There, palaeontologist and adventurer R. Chapman Andrew found during the 1920 the remains of almost 100 dinosaurs; later, in this place the first fossile nests where discovered. Hike and walk through a Saxaul forest. Overnight stay at yurt camp.

Day 11. ‘Vulture Ravine’ Yolyn Am, located at national reserve Gobi Gurwan Saikhan. In the ravine meanders a small river. At it’s narrowest point a thick icesheet builds up, which is staying the whole year, even during the hot summer. If we’re lucky, we will be able to see ibices, wild sheep and bearded vulture. Overnight stay at a yurt camp.

Day 12/13. Our mystery our brings us to the mighty chain of dunes ‘Khongorin Els’: 200 m in height, 180 km long, an impressive site to be at. We will stay for two nights at a camel breeding family. Overnight stay in tent.

Day 14. Today, we will drive to a nearby yurt camp near to Dalanzadgad, provincial capital of southern Gobi desert. Here we will prepare our next days.

Day 15. Flight to Moron, provincial capital of Khuvsgul Aimak in the north. Drive to Khuvsguul lake, which is the biggest lake in Mongolia. Overnight stay at a yurt camp at the site of the lake.

Day 16-18. Now we relax. On occasion we visit a reindeer or yak breeder. You can ride on horseback, hike, go swimming or just have a walk at the lake. Overnight stay in tent.

Day 19. In the morning we drive back to Moron and take the flight back to Ulaanbaatar. The rest of the day you can spend as you like. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 20. In the morning we visit another museum. After lunch, we will stroll around town and go shopping, then there’s dinner and Mongolian traditional dance and music.

Day 21. Breakfast, transfer to the airport, flight.