Khulan Tour

Living Like Nomads / 15 Days

Day 1/ 2. Flight and arrival at the international airport „Chinggis Khan“ in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to hotel. Breakfast and break until lunch. We will then visit Gandan monastery, with its 26 m high and gilded Buddha statue nowadays being the biggest and most important monastery in Mongolia. Then, we will go to ‘Zaisan’ hill, which offers a beautiful view over Ulaanbaatar. Dinner, overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 3. Drive to ‘Ugii nuur’ lake. Its located 1337 m above sea level. It’s richness in fish and it’s vivid birdlife are very much worth seeing.  The Mongolian people see this lake as holy and adore it.

Day 4-10. In the early morning  we carry on our tour going to the north. Today, our destination is the nomad family, with which we will spend the next 6 days to get an impression of nomad life and living traditions. You have the possibiltiy to ride on horseback, watch or help making cheese, milking, setting a yurt and see how nomads butcher and live day to day: spend your days just like nomads do.

Day 11-12. After breakfast we say goodbye to our guest family. Our tour leads us to national reserve Khorgo- Terkhiin Tsagaan lake. Picnic lunch. After our arrival we will just have the amazing landscape have an impact on us.

Day 13. Karakorum, former capital of the Mongolian Empire. In the afternoon, we will visit Erdene Zuu monastery. It’s the oldest buddhist monastery in today’s Mongolia. It was built in 1568 out of the wreckage of destroyed Karakorum as the first Lamaist monastery of Mongolia.

Day 14. Drive to Ulaanbaatar. Picnic. In Ulaanbaatar shopping tour, dinner and Mongolian traditional dance and music.

Day 15. Breakfast, transfer to the airport, flight.