Khulan Tour

Altai / 21 Days



Day 1/ 2. Flight and arrival at the international airport „Chinggis Khan“ in Ulaanbaatar. Breakfast. Visit at the Womens Monastery where we will take part in a benediction ceremony for our trip. Afterwards, we will have a ride to Terelj National Park, a natural reserve near to Ulaanbaatar which is famous for it’s rock formations as, for example, so-called ‘turtle rock’. After lunch you can relax here or explore the lovely environment. Overnight stay at a yurt camp.

Day 3. Hiking day: We will hike to the Monastery of Günjin. The afternoon you can design as you wish: hike, relax, explore your environment, have a ride on horseback. However, on this day, riding is not yet included in our price. It will be 7 to 10 Euro/h. Overnight stay at yurt camp.

Day 4. In the real early morning we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar and take a flight to Ulgii, a provincial capital in the very west of Mongolia. Arrival at yurt camp, breakfast. Visit at a local bazar, preparation of our further tour. Overnight stay at yurt camp.

Day 6, 7. Drive/Arrival at Khoton Lake. There we will visit a Kazakh nomad family and will meet our horse and camel leader who will accompany us the next days. Overnight stay in tent.

Day 8 – 13. Today, our riding tour begins. Per day, we will cover about 20 km. At first, we ride to the Zaghaan Usnii Am and stay overnight at the side of Zaghaan Us River in tent. During the next days we will ride alongside the river on our way to the national reserve Altai Tavan Bogd. We pass so-called ‘bear ravine’ Baavgain Salaa, Takilthiin Davaa and come upon Zaghaan Gol, a big river which has water of a milky-white colour. On day 13 we finally meet our goal: the national reserve Altai Tavan Bogd, ‘the five holy summits’. Overnight stay in tent.

Day 14, 15. Now is the time to marvel at the breath-taking and wild nature of Altai. The five peaks of Tavan Bogd Uul massif are covered with snow and the surrounding mountains do have glaciers. We will explore this extraordinary beautiful landscape by going on long hikes. But first of all, you have the possibility to relax and to recover from the recent days. You can do whatever you want: meditate, play cards, look at the landscape, roam about or just doze and do nothing. Our horses will be available too, of course.

Day 16, 17. On horseback, we will go back to Zaghaan Gol and rest there a full day which you can spend as you want.

Day 18. Today, we will be picked up by our drivers and go back to Ulgii. Overnight stay at yurt camp.

Day 19. Flight to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 20. We will visit Gandan Monastery, with its 26 m high and gilded Buddha statue nowadays being the biggest and most important monastery in Mongolia. In the afternoon we will go shopping. Dinner and Mongolian traditional dance and music. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 21. Breakfast, transfer to the airport and flight.